Tat Ito - Large Investigation (Tribute To Lucian Freud)

$ 1200

Original drawing
Acrylic gouache, pen, colored silver leaf on paper mounted to panel
Signed by the artist

Size: 30.5 x 22.9 cm

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"I, currently living and working in New York City and received a BFA in painting from Academy of Art University, San Francisco, and an MFA in painting from New York Academy of Art. My works are often inspired by Japanese traditional “Rakugo” tales, and also the works consist of my childhood experience of Manga and animations as well as influences of Brueghel, Bosch, other Northern Renaissance painters, Baroque and Rococo paintings, Christendom, Buddhism, Islamic and Hindus miniatures, Kano and Rinpa school paintings of Edo era, and Ukiyoe wood prints. My formally stunning compositions depict sophisticated narratives that become metaphorical and metaphysical representations of the contemporary art world and general visual culture. Within the works, hoards of people sometimes costumed, sometimes exhibiting outrageous behavior inhabit a stylized landscape that is simultaneously reminiscent of both Japan’s high voltage electronic age and its gold-leafed medieval era. The resulting works become an arena in which the creative world takes shape with a subtle irreverence and humor. © Tat Ito (1978, Nagoya/Japan)"

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