Michael Klipphahn (1987, Riesa/Germany) paints boldly colored portraits of imaginary characters. Depicted is either the individual figure or a group of subjects in different arrangements representing a subversive participation of the outsiders of an entire generation – often illustrated in disguise. Thereby historical and biological correlations of human reality emerge with ironical preciseness in reference to the use of pictorial patterns, advertisement, and print media. In doing so he accurately defines the boundaries and problem fields of the modern knowledge society and focuses on the approach to life of the growing internet generation. In the process he always seeks – in an excessively artificial way – the moment behind the moment, the spread between occurrence and situation in order to provide a framework for reality. The essential topics of his painting are boredom, isolation, social stereotypes as well as the mistaken idea of everyday banalities as a safety standard. All questions regarding signification and chance of grouping are revealed as the very question of the acute condition of human loneliness.