The longer one's gaze lingers on one of Szilard Huszank's (1980, Miskolc/Hungary) landscape paintings, the more details come to irritate one's thinking about the way we conceive of "landscape“. What we see are not representations of a certain geographical area, which by various characteristics distinguishes itself from other regions. Rather, his paintings are collages, compositions made up of elements that have no regional or biological connection whatsoever (such as his blooming cherry blossoms – heralds of spring – placed next to luscious, summery green). Szilard Huszank composes according to aesthetic criteria, not along lines of "content“. Thus, he opens up new possibilities in his search for artistic solutions. © Silke Eikermann-Moseberg, Excerpt from the monograph: Szilard Huszank, consciously – unconsciously, KERBER ART